Terms and Conditions


Bookings made more than 8 weeks in advance require a deposit of 25% of the rental price.

Bookings made less than 8 weeks before the start date of the holiday require full payment at the time of booking.

When any payment is returned by the bank for whatever reason, a surcharge of £10 per cheque is made.


Most of our guests respect our property and leave it clean and tidy. However, accidents can occur and guests must notify us before departure. The person making the booking accepts that by signing the terms and conditions, they will be required to pay for any damage or extra work associated with extra cleaning, laundering and other areas of misuse.

The damage deposit will be refunded to the person making the booking within 2 weeks of the leaving date unless the housekeeper has advised the owner of any monies to be withheld.

All guests are liable for the full cost of any damage caused to or within the property during the rental period. The guests accept that the damage deposit does not limit their liability for damages in excess of this amount. The cost of any damage will be invoiced to the guest as soon after their departure.


All cancellations must be advised immediately by telephone followed as soon as possible by written confirmation.

The guest remains liable for the full amount of the holiday rental, including the balance payment when due, if this has not already been paid.

We will as a matter of urgency try to re-let the holiday period or part thereof and if successful, upon receipt of monies for the new booking, will return the rental paid less an administration fee of £50.

If a reduction in rental has to be made to secure a new booking, the customer will receive the respective pro rata amount less the admin fee.

If it is not possible to re-let the property, no monies will be returned unless a damage deposit was included, which will be refunded.



Your insurance should cover all risks including cancellation, accident, breakdown, loss or damage to personal property.

We shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage suffered by the guest or members of the party.


Whilst every effort has been made to describe as fully as possible the property, we cannot accept responsibility or liability for any disappointment caused where a guest has differing expectations to those detailed in the description.


All complaints must be reported to us as soon as possible during occupation to enable us to carry out an investigation and effect remedial action. If we are denied the opportunity of investigating the complaint or denied the opportunity of rectifying the problem, whilst the guest was in the property or had returned home, the guest will have waived all rights to any further investigation or any compensation that may have been applicable.


Our property is a 'NO SMOKING' property. Guests are responsible for upholding this condition.


We cannot accept liability for work taking place outside the boundary of the property or for any noise or nuisance arising over which we have no control.


Any dispute will be governed by the non-exclusive law and jurisdiction of the English courts. In the event a court finds that a condition in the Conditions of Hire is illegal or void, that condition will be severed from the remainder of the conditions of hire, which will continue to be valid and have full force and effect.


We offer free wifi facilities, subject to our acceptable use policy:

We accept no responsibility for any loss of data, corruption or damage to computer equipment that results from using our internet access.

You agree to use the internet connection facility responsibly.  This means not downloading any illegal or offensive material, including pornographic, obscene or religiously offensive material.

It is commonplace for people to use Peer to Peer (p2p) or file sharing software which commonly sends and receives large amounts of data. This type of activity inherently uses a lot of bandwidth.  It may also be possible for users to obtain unauthorised access to our WiFi service.  For this reason we ask you to refrain from P2P use.

Wifi is provided as an extra.  While it is usually very reliable we cannot guarantee 'up-times'.  As such, it remains outside the contract we have with you regarding hire of the premises.  No refunds of any kind will be given should the service not work for all or part of your visit.

We are not computer experts and therefore cannot provide a guaranteed technical support service for wifi.